BQH is a heart and energy-based "regression" experience modality that eschews hard and fast rules and promotes creative and individualized approaches.
― Candace Craw-Goldman


Beyond Quantum Healing is a hypnosis method that taps into the subconscious mind allowing you to access your Higher Self. A BQH session can be used for self healing and spiritual growth to address many areas in your life from, physical, mental, emotional, and overall spiritual well-being.

Beyond Quantum Healing was created by Candace Craw-Goldman in 2008 and was based on the foundational work of QHHT® originally by the late Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon was a pioneer and trailblazer for hypnosis and specialized in past life regression therapy. Her work is renowned all around the world for the information she brought through her clients and could be considered a Galactic Historian. Candace trained with Dolores Cannon between 2008 - 2014 in the healing practice of Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique.

Candace was the very first Level 3 QHHT® Practitioner and helped Dolores create the QHHT® course. Over the years, Candace’s intuition guided her to create a more free, open and expansive approach to Quantum Healing Hypnosis, which became Beyond Quantum Healing.

BQH provides cellular and spiritual healing and transformation. In the BQH session you are guided into a relaxed state and inner journey through hypnosis to access what we call the Subconscious Mind, Higher Self, or Super Soul.

The intention of this process is to bring you into alignment with your highest potential in this life and release any patterns, programs, or blocks stored within the cellular and soul memory to support you in self-actualization and soul integration.

What is different is that both online and in-person sessions are permitted and BQH also focuses on creating an intention and heart-based connection with the client.

The electromagnet field of the heart is over a thousand times stronger than that of the mind. By creating a heart-based connection, BQH Practitioners are able to capitalize on the strength of that energy to reinforce and bring about the session intention that was created with the client.

There are no rules to BQH, only techniques, training, and guidelines that assist the practitioner, who will then use intuition regarding how to guide the session.

How Does a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Work?

Beyond Quantum Healing will begin with spending some time together, to share about yourself, your journey so far and the questions and intentions you have for the session. The information you provide gives a clearer vision for your session and how to ultimately bring you to your desired outcome.

Before the hypnosis itself, intentions for the session are set and some time is spent with relaxation techniques and heart coherence practices as we call in your higher dimensional self, beings, guardians, and guides. So much remembrance can come through from this lifetime, past lives, parallel lives and even ET lifetimes.

As your questions are explored, the focus is to gain an understanding about why you have been brought to a specific lifetime to see if there is any residual soul trauma or energy that needs to be shifted, released or activated. After covering your questions, you will then have an opportunity to access the wisdom of your Higher Self to receive guidance and this can sometimes be the most potent part of your session. Once you are feeling complete with the information received, your session will come to an end and you will be brought back into a full, awakened, & present state of consciousness. Afterward, there is an opportunity to discuss your experience, thoughts & feelings around what took place in your session.

Regression and Healing Journey with Your Higher Self (2 options):

Regression and Healing Journey with Your Higher Self is a collective term for two similar methods which are both forms of regression hypnosis/therapy (QHHT® and BQH). These techniques make it possible to look at the soul's other experiences (lives/existences) as well as establish contact with one's Higher Self (access to one's higher consciousness/innermost wisdom) and get answers to questions and receive appropriate help/healing. Ailments and problems can exist by being affected by events in previous lives. When we gain insight into the causes, it can be released and cause the symptoms to disappear.

  1.  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®:
    This method requires in person attendance only (not online)! It was developed and perfected over a 40-year period by Dolores Cannon. I am a certified and dedicated practitioner (QHHT® Level 2).  Before booking a session please read the QHHT® page.
  2.  Beyond Quantum Healing:
    This can be carried out both online and in person. This method was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman (Dolores' assistant for many years). It's wonderful that BQH can be conducted online regardless of where you are, in your own familiar surroundings. I am a certified practitioner of this method. Before booking BQH, please read the BQH page. 


Preparation Checklist:

Zoom or WhatsApp will be used for our video meeting.  Open the app and download the version that is compatible with your device.

You will need a corded headset with a microphone that goes over your mouth. The sound must be clear and it should be comfortable to wear when you are lying down. Earbuds are not ideal. If you use headphones or earbuds where the microphone is on the cord, it should be possible to attach it close to the mouth.

The cord must be longer than the distance from where your device is going to be placed and where you are lying down (you should be able to move your head and body). If you are using a cordless head set it must be fully charged to last several hours with good quality sound.

Your internet connection must be stable. The speed of your connection must be at least 2mbps (download or upload speed). You can test it by searching for “test internet speed” or similar.

Turn off possible screensavers. Close other programs that use the internet, especially music and video players.

Laptop, notepad or ipad are preferred devices. Smart phones are not best for this session.

It  has to be connected to a power outlet. We do not wish to be cut off mid session due to low battery levels.


Quiet space where you can be alone and will not be interrupted for up to 6 hours. If you have others living with you, it’s best if they are not home during your session. If that’s not possible, please make sure that you will not be disturbed or distracted in any way. Turn off your radio, TV, alarms and other devices that can cause sudden noise. If you must use your smart phone for the video meeting, be sure to use wifi.

Access to the bathroom should not be difficult or far away in case you have to use the toilet during the hypnosis part of the session.

When lying down for your regression, you can use a bed, sofa or a good recliner chair. Whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed. Don’t forget to have blankets and pillows ready.

Have a glass of water ready with you in the room. You can use a mug, bottle, or glass. We are going to use that in the water alchemy ceremony.

Your device or external webcam should be placed so that I can see the upper part of your body and face, preferably a bit from above. Make sure your device is steady, so it doesn’t fall down.


For inspiration, please refer to the questions list on the Sessions page.
When you have finished writing your question list please send it to my email address in good time before our session.

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