Can anyone be hypnotized? Do I lose control when I am in trance mode?

Hypnosis is a non-intrusive technique where you always have control. Hypnosis simply means that you feel relaxed and have high focus and attention to achieve an increased state of consciousness that can be called a trance. Hypnosis is a technique that allows the practitioner and the client to take advantage of the mind to promote healing. Anyone can be hypnotized if they allow it to happen.

What does it feel like to have a QHHT/BQH session? Will I be asleep?

Hypnosis is not putting you to sleep. Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration and heightened awareness, allowing you to focus inwards.

It is a natural brain wave theta state that you experience every day when you go to sleep and again when you wake up. You will feel very relaxed and most people are aware of everything. After your session you may think you remember what was said in your session but most likely you won’t. Some details fade like a memory from a dream. This is the reason the session is recorded, so you can listen to your full session and get continued healing and benefit from it afterwards. QHHT sessions are very safe and once you experience one you will truly have a different perspective of how you view your journey so far and what you want to do moving forward.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state. All people can be hypnotised and everyone actually goes through various states of hypnosis every day. You will be guided to the deepest state of hypnosis. If you are ready and willing to have a session then please come with an open mind and a willingness to relax and be open to the experience. Only then will it work. It is your choice. You have free will to allow this method to be experienced. Hypnosis is very safe and cannot be forced on anyone without them wanting to experience it. Trust in yourself! You can do it!

How can I know if the memories I have are real, fantasies or the result of my imagination?

It’s not important if it’s coming as a symbol, metaphor, a true memory, your imagination, or a mix of all of them. Relax and let things happen without judging. If you allow the rational side of your brain to take over you can block memories and wipe out an opportunity. Just experience and let the wisdom of your subconscious to come through. Afterwards, you can analyze what you’ve been through and make the connections to how it relates to your current life and the questions you presented

What if a person is too sick to have a session?

If an adult is too sick to have a session, they may have a loved one be a surrogate for them.

Can children do this method?

Not recommended for children under the age of 18. However, a parent may act as a surrogate for them.

What if I don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives?

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to have a successful session. It is essential that you believe in your body and your Higher Self’s innate ability to heal itself. When we allow this possibility we are open to the information and insight our Higher Self offers us to improve every area of our life. Information may be presented as a story, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds and emotions. Bring an open mind, an air of curiosity and the belief that your session will provide you with everything you need.

Are there any tips to having a great QHHT session?

You will have an amazing session if you follow the 3 tips below:

Tip #1: When asked a question trust and say the very first thing that comes to mind. Don’t second guess yourself.
Tip #2: When asked “What do you see?” in your session try to see it in as much detail as you can.
Tip #3: Talk and talk a lot in your session. The more you talk, the more clearly you will see. Your experience will be heightened and you will have a wonderful session.

Watch this video for more successful tips.

Do I need to bring anything to a QHHT session?

Your list of Questions on a piece of paper and your own snacks to help you get grounded after your session.

Can I ask questions to help others?

We are all connected energetically and by helping ourselves and helping others we contribute to making the world a better place. You can ask about your family, friends, pets and IF it is in their and your highest good, you will receive an answer.

Can I bring someone with me to a session?

No. This is a private and confidential session where we and our Higher Self need to feel fully secure and relaxed. You will have an audio recording of the session and may share this if you wish to do so.

What happens after my session?

We will discuss the information provided and the advice given. You will need time to re-orient yourself. You may feel a sense of exhilaration after your session. Some report feeling relaxed or tired. Remember the duration of a session is unpredictable so avoid making plans afterward. Drink plenty of water to release toxins and bring a light snack to help ground you afterwards.

How many sessions do I need?

Most people only need 1 session. However, some clients prefer to have more sessions to explore more of their soul experiences. There is no set rule. Everyone is welcome to come as many times as they like. Sometimes people’s circumstances change and they have more questions or they are interested in exploring the metaphysical world in more detail.

Will I be able to drive after my session?

You will most definitely be back to your normal waking state after your session and it is safe to drive. If you are traveling from afar to have a session with Anne it is advised to use your own discernment on whether you need to book local accommodation after your session and drive back home the following day.

Note:  Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Contraindications for hypnosis are epilepsy, psychosis, or personality disorders, as results can be unpredictable. Hypnosis is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation to help you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.  Most people receive healing and guidance and have their questions answered with one session. However, subsequent sessions may be needed or desired to accelerate personal growth. 

Cancellation policy: 
Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your session. There are no refunds for noshows. Refunds are not given, reschedule only.

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